OpenSea’s “Gifting” Feature Causes Confusion Among Users

OpenSea’s “gifting” feature causes confusion among users. In the latest news, OpenSea posted a clarification on Twitter regarding the issue with the new feature as some people raised concerns about it.

The Confusion about Gifting Feature

Recently, OpenSea introduced a new gifting feature. How does it work? People can buy and send NFTs to another wallet in one transaction. But somehow, on some of the third-party wallet trackers, this new feature makes it looks like the gift recipient purchased the NFTs. To add the information, the third-party wallet tracker is a trading app that allows people to see the NFTs purchased by influencers or celebrities.

One Twitter account stated that the new feature is being “exploited” to make it look like celebrities or influencers purchase the NFTs when it is a gift. It might affect some NFT traders who follow influencers and celebrities and create FOMO in the community. It could lead them to buy the collections because of the influencers.

Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the influencers, replied to the account by saying do not buy NFTs collections because of him. He also added that he is buying them because he likes them and for a long-term period.

OpenSea’s Response

Not long after the buzzing, OpenSea made a thread on Twitter clarifying the community. They also stated that the third-party wallet trackers mistakenly classify gifts as purchases. They added an explanation of the reason it happened. OpenSea ended the thread by saying they could have done a better job in tackling this issue.

As it is clear, this issue can be a good reminder for everyone in the community not to adopt FOMO all the time.

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