OpenSea Rolls Out Beta For New Analytics Feature!

OpenSea Rolls Out Beta For New Analytics Feature!

A new major analytics feature may soon be available for all users on the biggest NFT platform by trading volume to date!

The New Feature

It was recently revealed by some Twitter users that OpenSea may have just made their beta analytics feature available for a small number of users. 

As popular NFT influencer and Twitter user @CirrusNFT shows in their screenshots, OpenSea’s new analytics feature involves a number of different tools, such as an updated listings and sales feed, a tracker for a projects sales, volume and floor price, a floor price distribution chart, an ownership distribution chart, as well as the ability to see which wallets own NFTs from within the collection.

Although this feature itself is not fully public yet, and is only available to be seen and used by a small percentage of users, many in the community have already been praising OpenSea for the new update as these tools will significantly aid investors.

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OpenSea Moving Forward

This new addition seems to be one of te few recent moves that OpenSea has been making in order to improve their platform these past couple of months. 

Earlier this year, OpenSea faced a number of criticism from its users, with many complaining about some of their ‘broken’ features, such as their flagging system that would often mistakenly or be wrongfully used to flag random NFTs.

Since then, OpenSea has reportedly been working on making changes to fix this issue, claiming that they will work to make it a lengthier process to flag NFTs to help people avoid misusing the flagging feature.

Aside from that, just earlier this month OpenSea also revealed their newest feature, the “bulk buy and bulk list” feature which allows users to buy or list up to 30 NFTs at one time, helping users to reduce the amount of gas fees they have to spend. This feature has also been extremely praised and celebrated by the community.

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