Okay Bears NFT Signs With Major Licensing Agency IMG!

Okay Bears NFT signs with major licensing agency IMG!

One of the biggest Solana NFT projects, Okay Bears, has recently just made some exciting announcement for members of its community. 

The Announcement

Through their official Twitter account, the collection announced that they have signed and will be working together with the major licensing agency IMG.

IMG, which has worked together with multiple other notable brands like Lamborghini, Puma, Haribo, Burger King, Bugatti, and many more, will partner to become the ‘extended team’ for Okay Bears to “identify, create and cultivate innovative IP opportunities” in many different industries.

Working With IMG

With Okay Bears making history as the first Web3 brand to join the company, Bruno Maglione, President of Licensing at IMG explained that the reason they had chosen the NFT collection specifically was due to their strong message and community as well as their impact so far.

Okay Bears has shown that NFTs can be a powerful tool of mobilization and empowerment, creating a global community that exudes positivity and support,” he continued, “Their brand message and values have resonated with people across the world, and we plan to ensure these are celebrated and reflected in a range of creative collaborations and products as we work with Okay Bears towards elevating online and offline cultures together.

Okay Bears co-founder Kais also claimed that this collaboration will not only help to amplify Okay Bears’ message, but also to strengthen and better serve the Okay Bears community.

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Okay Bears Activity

Since the announcement, Okay Bears have seen quite an influx in their trading and sales volume, with their sales volume rising by more than 700% within these past 24 hours. This collection could arguably be one of the biggest Solana-based NFT collections, managing to rake in $18 million in sales within 24 hours of when it first launched.

The NFT collection has also previously collaborated with a number of notable figures, like NBA basketball supplier Wilson and Chicago Bulls’ Lonzo Bal.

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