Okay Bears NFT Reveals New Head Of Development & Engineering

Okay Bears NFT Welcomes Its New Head Of Development & Engineering! 

One of the biggest NFT collections in Solana right now has just announced a new member is joining its team, making collectors more bullish on the growth of the project than ever!

New Team Member

Recently through their Twitter, Okay Bears has just announced that their team will be welcoming a new Head Of Development & Engineering for its collection. The new team member in question, ‘RLX’, is introduced to be a software developer with over 20 years of experience.

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Rlx is also said to be the founder and creator of MoonRank, a popular statistical rarity service that tracks the data of Solana NFT collections. 

Aside from that, Rlx is said to have contributed to many NFT and Web3 projects. The Okay Bears team wrote: “Rlx is an open-source proponent and has contributed to countless projects including PHP (to which he added JSON support), PostgreSQL, Electron, Quiche, unfiltered, netty, the Solana validator and other Solana projects, Google Closure Library, mcrouter, octodns, and many more.”

Previously With Okay Bears

Aside from this, the collection also made some pretty big news just earlier last month. On September 20th, Okay Bears announced that they had signed a major licensing deal with IMG, a popular licensing agency known to have partnered with other massive brands like Puma, Haribo, Fortnite, Spotify, Burger King and many more.

This announcement made a massive impact on the collection as bullishness about the project began to rise and Okay Bears saw its volume surge by more than 700% in just 24 hours.

With having made a big deal with such a big agency and now welcoming a new head of Development & Engineering, many are excited at the prospect that the Okay Bears collection is currently building its project to be huge in the near future.

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