Nike Has Made Almost $200 Million From NFTs This Year!

Nike has made almost $200 million from NFTs this year! Thanks to its acquisition of RTFKT, Nike has recorded some incredibly big numbers this year from NFT sales alone.

New NFT Sales Data

Nike, one of the biggest sports brand company was recently revealed to have also been the leading brand in NFT sales this year, beating out competitors like Adidas, Gucci, Tiffany, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

Data from an analysis made by Dune Analytics researcher Noah Levine shows that Nike was able to top the charts from their NFT sales that helped it gain a revenue of  $185.32 million this year.

This data is made even more impressive considering the fact that Nike’s total revenue from NFT sales is seven times higher than the second ranked brand on the list, Dolce & Gabbana which recorded only $25 million in revenue from NFT sales.

Other Brands’ Revenues

Other brands on this list, although quite far from what Nike has achieved, were also able to make some impressive revenue from NFT sales. Aside from Nike and Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany took the third spot with a revenue of $12.62 million, Gucci with $11.56 million, and Adidas claiming the fifth spot with a revenue of $10.95 million. 

How Nike Led NFT Sales

Nike was able to accomplish this incredible feat mostly thanks to its acquisition of RTFKT back in December of 2021. 

It’s reported in the Dune Analytics data that the biggest generator of royalties was the RTFKT CloneX NFT collection which generated $39 million in royalty fees. Along with that were Nike’s Metaverse sneakers collection, MNLTH, which generated $24,2 million.

Other collections like MNLTH2, CryptoKicks and RTFKT Bonus Items have also reportedly helped Nike to generate at least $1 million in royalty fees.

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With the huge gap in revenue that Nike has placed on itself against other brands, it may be safe to say that the sportswear brand has most definitely become the leading brand not only in the real physical world but also the digital NFT world as well.

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