Newest Anime PFP Collection, Valhalla NFT Raises $13 Million in Funds!

Newest upcoming PFP collection, Valhalla raises $13 Million in funds! Major investors have pumped big funding into the parent company of this new upcoming NFT project, Valhalla!

After the rise of Azuki, many in the community have been in search for a new anime-styled NFT project to collect. The Valhalla collection is one that has sparked the interest of many in the community. 

The $13M Fund

Stacked Studio, a startup company that’s created the ‘Stacked’ platform for Web3 video and livestreaming content, has successfully attracted a group of investors to pump $13 million into their company. 

The Series A funding round was led by Pantera Capital and saw some other major institutional investors including  Z Venture Capital, LINE Ventures, YJ Capital, the owner of Yahoo! Japan and more.

CEO of Stacked Studio, Alex Lin says that with the investments they received, the company plans to invest long term into Valhalla NFT in order to make it a successful blue-chip project.

Having great investors allows us to create the best NFT possible before asking members to mint.” Alex said on Twitter, “There are no empty promises here, only a track record of proven results. We are redefining what quality execution means in Web3.

About Valhalla NFT

The Valhalla project is a collection of up to 10,000 anime-styled PFP NFTs reportedly targeting “gaming and streetwear enthusiasts.”

No official reveal of their 10,000 NFTs have been done yet, however, the team has given the community sneak peeks of their NFTs, which have been complimented by many for having been high quality and vibrant, good for those wanting to make it a PFP.

Those who own a Valhalla NFT, which is said to be launched sometime this Fall, will be given exclusive benefits on the Stacked livestreaming platform. 

As the project hasn’t officially released or announced a mint date, there are still many information yet to be announced about this collection.

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