More Cool Cats NFTs Characters Coming to their Universe This Friday!

More Cool Cats NFTs Characters coming to their universe this Friday! More characters are going to be added into the Cool Cats universe rather than just the Blue Cat, their names and identities to be revealed this Friday.

About These New Characters

In a thread the team made back in May during NFT NYC, Cool Cats NFTs announced a number of new updates to their project, including the addition of new characters to the collection.

So far, the Cool Cats NFTs collection has only been centered and focused around the iconic Blue Cat, however the team has stated that they are adding new characters to the project in order for them to open up more opportunities and branching up their ecosystem.

So far, the team hasn’t explained what role these characters will play in their project or their game, Cooltopia, however, it seems that the characters will have their own collection similar to the original Blue Cat NFTs.

In the same thread they wrote about introducing new characters, the Cool Cats NFTs team said they will have “Character NFT Drops” and that they will “mostly be sticking to our original formula with new characters – keep it simple, make it bold.”

When Will The New Characters Launch?

Today, Cool Cats updated news about their new characters by announcing that they will officially be introduced on Friday the 29th of July.

No further information about the launch of these characters have been mentioned yet, but the community suspect that everything will be revealed along with the new characters on Friday.

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