Moonbirds’ PROOF Acquires Divergence Engineering Team

Moonbirds’ PROOF acquires Divergence engineering team. The PROOF team announces its plans of continuing to grow as it gears up for a “social universe” launch later this summer

Moonbirds X Divergence

Only three months after entrepreneur Kevin Rose launched the successful Moonbirds NFT collection, he announced his plans to further grow his PROOF team through acquiring Divergence.

Divergence is known as a London-based Web3 engineering team comprised of Arran Schlosberg and Angharad “Harri” Thomas.

Known for its Ethereum smart contract ability, Divergence has previously already worked on the smart contracts for the PROOF Collective NFT membership pass and Moonbirds NFT launch. Divergence has also reportedly worked on a number of other NFT projects before, like Gmoney’s Admit One collection and more.

Where PROOF Will Go From here

Both Arran Schlosberg and Harri Thomas will join PROOF as part of the acqui-hire deal, with Schlosberg being named vice president of Engineering while Thomas will now serve as the director of product for PROOF.

Proof is reportedly strengthening their staff and company to prepare for a launch of its “social universe” later this summer, which the PROOF team has been teasing since April.

Rose explains that this “social universe” product they are making is going to be a large Web3 service different from other products anyone’s seen before, and definitely not just a 3D metaverse game.

The tools we’re all using for curation and communication are not built for Web3. Discord was made for gamers, Reddit is an early Web2 product,” Rose said in an interview. 

We’re trying to build something where we can interact with the rich data behind the scenes. The universe and the social tools that we’re building will be in a phased approach, where we’ll see these very small wins over time add up to a pretty compelling social product.

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