Moonbirds Move To CC0 Licensing & Announce Moonbirds DAO!

Moonbirds move to CC0 licensing & announce Moonbirds DAO! “Platform neutrality is powerful.” Moonbirds founder says after announcing the move to CC0 license.

Moonbirds CC0 Licensing

Today, Moonbirds NFT project founder, Kevin Rose, announced through his Twitter that the collection is going through a major change in its licensing. 

He announced that both Moonbirds and Moonbirds Oddities will be switching to have a CC0 license, meaning that the artwork will become public domain.

CC0 has been a controversial topic in the NFT community, often recieving mixed reactions with some users loving it and others complaining and hating it. CC0 in itself, otherwise known as Creative Commons, is a form of copyright licensing that puts the artwork into the public domain and allows anyone to use art freely without copyright restrictions.

As a result of this, anyone will be able to use any Moonbirds or Oddities artwork to create products, projects, merchandise, and more.

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Kevin Rose explains that the Moonbirds team believes that Web3 is a chance to ‘reboot’ the principles of art ownership. He claims that with this change, the Moonbirds art can be spread more openly without having to worry about authenticity as all of that can be confirmed through Web3 technology. 

In his thread he explains, In this new future, true ownership is dictated by what is recorded on-chain, the way it should be, not by a record housed by a government or corporate entity.

The authenticity of Moonbirds will not come from lawyers enforcing trademarks but rather from the proven provenance and single source of truth of smart contracts.

Moonbirds DAO

Kevin Rose also notes in his thread that CC0 does not cover the issue of trademark, and because of this the Moonbirds team will soon be unveiling Moonbirds DAO.

This DAO will oversee licensing of the Moonbirds and Oddities names with the primary goals of encouraging general commercialization while preventing scams, hate speech, and violence. Rose explains.

No further explanation was made on the upcoming Moonbirds DAO yet, though information on that is expected to be revealed in the upcoming days.

Community’s Reaction

The community were extremely divided on the announcement of the move to CC0. Some in the community were excited and agreed with the team on their stance of ‘neutrality’ for Moonbirds art usage. 

However, others have criticized this move, saying that this announcement should have been made earlier on rather than midway through the project like now. Many felt that Moonbirds were both rugging away the rights that existing owners held over their Moonbirds.

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