Mfer NFT Collection Surges Following Creator Sartoshi’s Return

Mfer NFT Collection Surges Following Creator Sartoshi’s Return. 

Sartoshi’s Return

Seven months after announcing his leave and disappearing back in June of 2022, the creator of the Mfer NFT collection Sartoshi has fully returned onto the NFT scene, claiming to re-enter the space as a collector rather than the leader of the Mfer project.

Then, after announcing his return in early December, Sartoshi finally made his first tweet after his disappearance on his new Twitter account, @Sartoshi_rip

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Surge Of Mfers

Following Sartoshi’s return tweets, his collection Mfers as well as the last collection he launched shortly before his leave, The End of Sartoshi, saw surges in their trading volume and price.

According to data from CryptoSlam, the Mfers collection saw a surge of more than 100% within the past 24 hours since Sartoshi’s first tweet. 

Along with that, the End Of Sartoshi NFTs saw a massive 900% surge in trading volume these last 24 hours. The collection was even able to touch a floor price of 1.4 ETH momentarily before dropping back down to a floor of 0.098 ETH at the time of writing. The End Of Sartoshi NFTs claim to serve as pass for free claim to crypto art.

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