Isekai Meta To Reroll Duplicate NFTs, Here Are The Details!

Isekai Meta to reroll duplicate NFTs, here are the details! “As much as we are excited to have finally revealed our art, there has been a huge mistake in the metadata side of things.” The Isekai Meta team states in response to the issue of their duplicated NFTs.

Duplicate NFTs

Yesterday, the Isekai Meta collection faced some serious issues after its collection reveal when the community noticed that large amounts of holders’ NFTs were duplicates to other holders’ NFTs.

The team was quickly criticized by the community for their mistake arguing that this was caused by the teams lack of attention to detail. Many criticized that the collection not only took too long to overhype the reveal of their collection, but also failed to live up to the hype.

Teams Response

In response to the issue surrounding the duplicate NFTs within the collection, the Isekai Meta team have quickly apologized to their holders and promised that holders of duplicate NFTs will soon be getting a chance to reroll their NFTs to receive a new one.

Our first primary objective is to address the concern and finalize a solution asap, the plan is to quickly update the metadata as soon as possible to replace each and every duplicate (Ex: if there are 3 duplicated Isekais – then ALL 3 tokens will be rerolled) and reroll each into a newly generated set of Isekais.” the team explained through their discord.

Please rest assured that the team is working on a solution to this and that we will sort this out with the suggestions from our community at the top of our minds.” The team states.

The team also reassured that holders of non-duplicate NFTs will not be affected by this issue or the process of the rerolling of duplicates at all.

Despite the duplicate NFTs issue and a lot of criticism from the community, the hype surrounding the Isekai Meta collection doesn’t seem to have changed all that much as the collection still continues to trade at a floor price of 0.24 ETH, with a 500% trading volume increase within the past 24 hours as of the time of writing.

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