Isekai Meta Re-Roll Reveal To Take Place On September 1st!

Isekai Meta re-roll reveal to take place on September 1st! Since the complaints and criticism it received after its first official reveal, the Isekai Meta collection is finally ready to reveal the re-rolls of its duplicated NFTs in the next coming days.

What Happened

Back on the 22nd of August, the Isekai Meta team launched the official reveal for holders of their NFT collections to finally be able to see their personalized NFTs. 

However, things quickly turned messy when multiple holders reported having duplicates of their NFTs, with some reporting seeing up to 5 different NFTs with their exact same traits.

The team quickly apologized, claimed this error was caused by a bug in their system and made the announcement that they would soon re-roll all duplicated tokens in their collection.

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Details Of The Re-Rolled NFTs!

Since then, the Isekai team have given a number of updates on their re-rolling process. 

The team explained that they found a total of 4,827 of their 7,777 NFTs were duplicates which will all be re-rolled and replaced. 

They also explained that holders of a certain “faction” will still have an NFT belonging to that faction when their NFTs are re-rolled. For example, human Isekai Meta NFT holders will still have a human NFT even after their NFT is re-rolled with different traits, a zombie Isekai Meta NFT holder will continue to hold a zombie NFT and so forth.

Finally, the team has recently revealed that they are at the final stages of checking their re-rolled NFTs, which will be the most time-consuming part as they will examine all 4,827 re-rolled NFTs to make sure that none or duplicates and that the re-roll process was executed perfectly.

With that, the team has since announced that the estimated date for the final reveal of the re-rolled NFTs will be on Thursday, September 1st. 

Since its reveal, the Isekai Meta collection’s floor price has dropped by 30% and currently sits at 0.17 ETH at the time of writing. Though holders do seem a little more optimistic after the recent date announcement of the re-roll reveal as the collection saw a 21% increase in trading volume in the past 24 hours.

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