Here’s What OpenSea’s New Creator Royalties Could Mean!

Here’s What OpenSea’s New Creator Royalties Could Mean!

The biggest NFT marketplace in the world has finally opened up their voice on the current issues surrounding artist royalties that’s been a big debate in the space for some time now.

OpenSea’s New Royalties System

On a recent Twitter thread, OpenSea revealed their plans to start implementing a new “thoughtful, principled approach” to NFT royalties. This approach would help with their main goal of protecting NFT artists and their incomes from royalty fees.

For ‘future collections’ OpenSea explains that they plan on creating a system whereby those NFT collections can only be traded exclusively on marketplaces that honor royalties. This decision in itself has caused some controversy, with some in the community claiming that this method is ‘anti-competitor’ while others praise this decision for its thoughtfulness towards NFT artists.

For current existing collections however, OpenSea seems to still remain at a standstill, not knowing how to move forward on royalties for current collections, explaining that they will come to a final decision on this on the 8th of December, 2022.

This however, has brought a lot of nervousness and buzz in the community, with many thinking that this means OpenSea will likely implement 0% royalties or optional royalties on their platform for current existing NFT collections.

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Effect On The Future Of NFTs

With OpenSea being known as the number one NFT marketplace in the world, their decision on royalties will be extremely likely to affect the future of how royalties are treated within the NFT community, with many marketplaces likely to follow suit on their decision.

It’s because of this that many in the community have expressed their hope for OpenSea to remain supportive of royalties, keeping royalties a must-have on every NFT collection on their platform.

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