Goblintown Teases Art For Their Upcoming Grumpls Collection

Goblintown teases art for their upcoming Grumpls collection.

Grumpls Teaser

Recently, the Goblintown team has finally given their community a slight update on their long-awaited ‘Grumpls’ collection that have been in the making for the past few months.

Through their official Twitter, the team posted a video teaser seemingly showing different parts of the upcoming Grumpls collection, showcasing hints of traits that may be included in the future collection.

With Grumpls being a long awaited extension for Goblintown, the community have mainly shown a positive reaction to these teasers, excited to see what Truth Labs has in store for their project.

About Grumpls

Grumpls were first officially announced back in late July where the team explained that Goblintown and McGoblin burger holders will be able to burn their McGoblin NFTs along with their Goblintown NFTs to earn a Grumpl NFT.

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The burning mechanism revealed itself to be extremely detailed, with 16 different possible types of Grumpls predicted to be baited depending on which Goblintown and McGoblin NFTs you used.

Because of this, many in the community have been waiting patiently for the past quiet month for more updates on Grumpls release and reveal.

Goblintown’s Current Standing

Since it exploded in popularity back in June of this year, the Goblintown NFT collection has earned itself quite a big supportive and loyal community of holders.

Despite this however, the project hasn’t been able to hold on to their explosive popularity  as its daily trading volume and floor price have since dropped a considerable amount.

At the time of writing, the Goblintown NFT collection currently sits on the 55th rank on daily trading volume on OpenSea and has a floor price of 1.27 ETH.

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