Gangster All Star NFTs Surge Following Its Reveal!

Gangster All Star NFTs Surge Following Its Reveal!

One of the most long-awaited NFT collections recently saw its volume rise as the community buzzed with excitement over its newly revealed art.

Gangster All Star Reveal

The Gangster All Star collection recently launched its art reveal just a month after the collection started minting. Having introduced itself as a collection that will break the standards, many in the community have been responding extremely positive at the reveal.

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The art itself is completely diverse, with thousands of different traits making each NFT look individual and unique. It’s also deemed to be incredibly high quality and detailed.

Because of this, many have become even more bullish towards the collection, which they claim is helping to further the standard for NFT art and storytelling.

GAS’ Surge

Since the reveal, the collection saw its trading volume surge by up to 300% within the last 24 hours. Although the collections’ floor price hasn’t changed much and is currently still sitting at a 0.31 ETH, many in the community are confident that the project will continue to grow. Aside from that, Gangster All Star’s Evolution collection also saw quite the increase in volume these past 24 hours, up to 200% according to OpenSea.

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