Gamestop NFT Marketplace Goes Live on Immutable X

Gamestop, an American retailer of consumer electronics and gaming merchandise, has launched its NFT marketplace on Immutable X seven months after announcing the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.

 Along with NFTs, Gamestop’s marketplace also offers Web3 gaming, including “Gods Unchained” and “Hro,” a DC Comics trading card game.

A Glimpse of Immutable X-Powered NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace at, operated by Gamestop (NYSE: GME), has now gone live and is scaling with Immutable X, a solution designed for Ethereum layer two.

The Gamestop NFT market is “100% gas-free and carbon-neutral minting and trading to users,” according to its website, compared to marketplaces like Opensea, Looksrare, and Rarible.

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In addition to gas-free functionality, Gamestop’s NFT market boasts “high speed” buying, selling, and creating capabilities.

During the announcement, the president and co-founder of Immutable X,Robbie Ferguson explained “Today’s launch of the Gamestop NFT Marketplace means that we can now provide access to millions of additional NFTs, more of the top Web3 games being developed today, while maintaining a best-in-class experience for players.” 

Partnering with FTX US to Bring Customers to FTX Community

Gamestop is partnering with FTX US in order to connect its customers to the FTX community and marketplaces to buy crypto assets.

According to Gamestop, select retail stores will carry FTX brand gift cards and the company “will be FTX’s preferred retail partner in the United States.”

At the end of May, Gamestop released its own Gamestop branded wallet, which led to the launch of the NFT marketplace and partnership with FTX. On, users can choose from three wallets: Gamestop Wallet, Walletconnect, and Metamask.

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The Gamestop NFT Marketplace is home to a number of Web3 games, such as Gods Unchained, Immortal Game, Guild of Guardians and Emer Swords. 

Also the 8-bit and 16-bit games “Bitverse”,  the official DC Comics NFT trading card game “Hro,” and the mobile role-playing game (RPG) “Guild of Guardians.”

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