Everything You Need To Know About The Isekai Meta NFTs!

Everything you need to know about the Isekai Meta NFTs! One of the most talked-about NFT collections these days in the NFT community is the increasingly popular ‘Isekai Meta’ collection, with amazing art style and a coherent roadmap, here’s everything you need to know about it!

About Isekai Meta

The Isekai Meta NFT collection is a Filipino-led project, led by Web3 creative Sayres, alongside co-founder Waps, artist Chev, and head developer Frankie

The collection is a story and community-driven project that comprises 7,777 NFTs, all hand drawn. The art is one of the major factors that caught the attention of so many in the community, its art style is described to be heavily influenced by pop culture, lo-fi aesthetics, and Japanese anime/manga.

Isekai NFTs are randomly generated from over 500 traits, each having its own rarity.

As said on their official website, “One of Isekai Meta’s main goals is to transport holders into another world. We are exploring a variety of methods to make this experience as immersive as possible.

When Will The Reveal Be?

The project is currently having its holders’ raffle mint (phase 3), but for those who didn’t get a chance for their public raffle event, you can still buy these NFTs through secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare.


At the moment, holders still don’t know what their NFTs look like as there hasn’t been an official reveal yet. It’s suspected by the community that the official reveal for the NFTs will be done not long after all the raffle events have been completed. 


Despite that, holders can still have a rough idea of what some of the traits in the Isekai Meta collection are based on some of the NFTs that are displayed on their website and social media accounts.

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