Doodles NFTs Grows Team With Three New Leadership Hires!

Doodles NFTs Grows Team With Three New Leadership Hires!

Bluechip NFT collection Doodles hints at a big year ahead of them as the team starts off the year expanding the team and hiring new leaders for their project.

New Leadership Members

This past month, Doodles has already announced three new experienced hires including Austin Hurwitz, Joe Ranzenbach and Jay Ciruolo, each to become the project’s lead in business development, product management, and frontend engineering respectively.

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Joe Ranzenbach, the team’s new head of product management, has been working in the product management business for 15 years and has spent the last year focusing on the Web3, making Doodles his first role at a Web3 company.

Jay Ciruolo, Doodles’ new lead in frontend engineering, is no stranger to the world of Web3 and currently works as the Co-Founder of comedy collectible platform Jambb. Bringing along 17 years of experience in frontend engineering, his previous experiences include Hubspot, PathAI, and AssetBlock.

Finally, Austin Hurwitz is the latest member to join the Doodles team, working as Doodles’ new Head of Business Development. Hurwitz previously worked as Web3 SVP at Venice Music and is the founder of Web3 advisory firm Chasing Curiosity. “From working with artists and record labels to building Web2 & Web3 products, I’ve always looked to bridge creative and technical worlds to create consumer magic,” Austin Hurwitz wrote on his Twitter.

Doodles’ Growing Team

Since 2022, Doodles has been turning many heads in the NFT community for their constant team expansion, hiring multiple notable figures including appointing American singer & songwriter Pharrell Williams as the teams Chief Brand Officer back in June 2022.

The Doodles team also announced a massive $54 million fund raise back in September in a funding round led by Seven Seven Six. 

Since then, Doodles holders have been waiting patiently for the many initiatives expected to happen within the project this year, including the reveal of Doodles 2 as well as the reveal of the Genesis Box, scheduled to happen sometime this February.

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