Doodles CEO Says Pharrell Williams Is Integral To The NFT Project

Doodles CEO Says Pharrell Williams Is Integral To The NFT Project! 

With popular musician and producer Pharrell Williams having been announced to have joined the Doodles NFT team as the new chief brand officer earlier this year, CEO of the project says this was an integral part for the future of Doodles.

Doodles CEO Julian Holguin’s Thoughts

At the recent At WebSummit in Lisbon Doodles CEO Julian Holguin talked about the subject of Pharrell Williams joining the team, explaining that Williams’ wide range of artistic output would be a major help in pushing the collection forward.

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From [Williams’] influence on clothing collaborations, to his work on ‘Despicable Me’ and movie products, to his music, his reach is significant,” Holguin said.

[Williams is] not just an endorser of the company—he’s a day-to-day influence on the brand and very involved in a lot of the biggest decisions that we’re making.

The CEO then went on to explain the teams wish and aspiration for Doodles to explore multiple types of media and entertainment mediums, including making music on Apple Music and Spotify as well as shows on YouTube, hence why they made the decision to onboard Williams. Holguin notes that Pharrell Williams is already working with the team on creating Doodles-inspired music at this very moment. 

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Latest Doodles Update

Previously before this, the Doodles team made quite the buzz in the community after they announced a $54 million funding round led by Seven Seven Six that raised the company’s valuation to $704 million back in September.

Along with this huge funding round, the team also announced their plans to grow the project, announcing new open spots within the team including positions for Head of Finance, Project Managers, Designers and many more.

With the September announcement being their first major one in  months, it had undoubtedly caused a massive surge in the collections floor price, sales volume as well as trading volume across multiple marketplaces.

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Now, the community seems to remain bullish as the collection continues to work with major star Pharrell Williams to expanding their entertainment mediums in the near future.

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