Did y00ts NFT Scrap All Of Their Art Ahead Of The Reveal?

Did y00ts NFT Scrap All Of Their Art Ahead Of The Reveal?

The team behind the long-awaited Solana-based NFT project, y00ts, may have hinted at some major changes to their art as they gear up to finally reveal their collection.

y00ts NFT Scrapping Their Art

Recently, the team posted onto their Twitter a video in which on September 27th, a team member can be seen to delete multiple y00ts NFTs before stating “All trash… That’s one project, scrapped.” 

The video then ended on a quick screen showcasing the team working on a file named ‘y00ts FINAL’.

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Along with this, DeGods and y00ts founder @FrankDeGods tweeted explaining that the team had “made mistakes” and are working to “fix those mistakes” in order to continue getting better. 

This announcement understandably surprised many in the community who, for the most part, all thought that the y00ts art was completed and that the team were ready to reveal the collection sometime at the end of this year.

Many were also taken by surprise as the scrapping of the y00ts art seemed unprovoked and out-of-the blue. Within the tweet itself, a number of users pointed out that there was nothing inherently wrong with the original y00ts design, it instead received many praises when a few of them were first shown through the official y00ts website.

Because of the crypticness of the video, many in the community are still unsure whether the y00ts collection will completely change the way it looks or whether there will only be a small change in their appearance, however, in response to a user who had accused the team of lying and deleting all of the art, Frank DeGods replied that the video was just “2 percent of everything we’ve scrapped.

When Will y00ts Reveal?

At the time of writing, there is still no official statement on when exactly the y00ts collection will launch its official reveal. Around a month ago, Frank did state that the team hoped for the reveal to take place sometime by the end of October, however with the revelation of having scrapped their art, it’s not known yet whether the reveal date could be pushed back even more.

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