DeGods & Y00ts NFTs Surge Following Staking News!

DeGods & Y00ts NFTs Surge Following Staking News!

Two of arguably the biggest Solana-based NFT projects recently made some massive announcements that have sent their sales and trading volume surge by a massive amount.

DeGods & Y00ts Staking

Earlier today, the team behind both the DeGods NFT collection as well as the y00ts collection announced the launch of a new staking experience that holders of both NFT collections can partake in.

With a fee of 1 $DUST to stake and 3 $DUST to unstake each of their NFTs, these NFTs will get to stay in the wallets of the holders while holders continuously earn points for every minute their NFT is staked. For y00ts NFTs, holders will earn ‘y00tpoints’, and for DeGods or DeadGods NFTs holders will earn ‘DePoints’.

The team explains that these points will be able to be redeemed for rewards on major marketplaces sometime soon.

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Future ‘rewards’ from collecting these points will include things like airdrops, physicals items, as well as “sponsored brand activations.” The team hints that holders may want to collect as many points as possible through staking to earn some big prizes.

Along with this new staking system, the team also revealed that they have changed the name of the DeGods collection into ‘DeGods III’, claiming that although it may not make sense to many right now, the reason behind this name change will unfold ‘soon.’

Surging Volume

With such exciting news like this, both DeGods and Y00ts NFTs have been seeing their collections surge in sales and trading volume.

According to data from CryptoSlam, within the last 24 hours, DeGods saw a near 700% increase in its sales volume while y00ts saw a 225% increase. 

At the time of writing, the y00ts floor is at 121.5 SOL while DeGods’ floor price is at 315 SOL.

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