DeGods & y00ts Artist Leaves Team Amid Art Reveal Delay

DeGods & y00ts Artist Leaves Team Amid Art Reveal Delay

Recently, SCUM, a popular artist known for being one of the key artists for major Solana NFT projects DeGods and y00ts has just announced their decision to leave the team.

The Announcement

Through their personal Twitter account, @SCUMSOL explained that they had left the project in good terms, with no bad feelings towards the project or any of the team members involved. SCUM even went on in his thread to give thanks to some of the other team members like DeGods co-founder Frank himself.

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SCUM explains that the main reason for leaving is in order to pursue their own goals and focus on creating 1/1 art. In a later thread, they also cleared up any misunderstandings, reiterating that he had left based on his own decision and had “zero hard feelings” to the project and the community.

My heart is in the 1:1 art space. And to put things bluntly, I am fiercely loyal to myself, my family, and my relationships. Not PFPs. Having a “job” was obstructing my path,” SCUM stated.

Effect On y00ts

With the y00ts reveal being pushed back by more than a month, many in the y00ts community have already been growing restless and nervous for a while. This new announcement of a key artist leaving amid the delay has added even more to the growing concern among those in the community.

SCUM did later on try to address the concerns of the community, explaining that although he had left the team, the y00ts art are currently being completed by another artist from the team, @sircandyapple.

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