DeadFellaz Partners With Fashion Brand Wranglers, Here Are The Details!

DeadFellaz partners with fashion brand Wranglers, here are the details! After creating their own NFT project, it seems that Wranglers is wanting to build a larger sense of community in the NFT space by collaborating with a popular NFT project.

DeadFellaz x Wranglers

Recently, NFT Collection DeadFellaz has announced its new recent partnership with the denim fashion brand Wranglers.

The two companies have decided to work together in an attempt to merge together both the world of Web2 and Web3, according to a tweet made by the NFT collection.

Not much is known about the partnership yet, aside from the fact that both Wranglers and DeadFellaz will work together to host some sort of ‘choose your own adventure’ competition where the winners will win both physical and digital prizes.

This isn’t necessarily the first time Wrangler has dived into the NFT world. Just earlier this year, the brand launched their own NFT collection “Mr. Wrangler” in a partnership with the NFT marketplace, LTD.INC.

Fashion Brands In NFT

This year, we saw many famous fashion brands dive into the NFT world by collaborating and forming partnerships with some of the biggest and most influential NFT projects, including Gucci’s collaboration with the 10KTF shop, as well as the most recent, The Hundreds’ collaboration with Cool Cats to create an exclusive Cool Cats clothing line merch.

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With NFT projects often times being community driven, collaborations and partnerships with clothing lines will often do extremely well, as holders of these specific NFTs will usually go out of their way to showcase their dedication by buying and wearing these NFT-specific merchandise.

Not just fashion, multiple different types of brands and companies are looking to make themselves known in the Web3 space. Most recently, we even saw the chocolates brand, M&M create their very own Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) exclusive chocolates in a collaboration with NFT musicians, KINGSHIP.

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