CryptoDickbutts Surges More Than 900%, Here Are The Details!

CryptoDickbutts surges more than 900%! Here are the details! Since yesterday, the NFTs community has been buzzing about CryptoDickbutts Series 3 Collection as the daily volume sales increased.

The Surge of CryptoDickbutts

On 7 August, the NFTs community started talking about the surge of CryptoDickbutts. At the time of writing, CryptoDickbutts has surged 959% in daily volume sales within 24 hours. The volume has also increased 316% in the last seven days. The floor price is 3.57 ETH. These make CryptoDickbutts sit in the second spot on Top NFTs on OpenSea’s official website, higher than CryptoPunks, NFTiff, and Bored Ape Kennel Club. 

The Reactions in the Community


Currently, the community is buzzing about CryptoDickbutts. Many people posted discussions and their views on Twitter. One account said, “CryptoDickButts [are] the most absurd thing in crypto, and that is why they are pumping.”




Another account stated, “CryptoDickButts [are] reviving the market right now.”




The official account of CryptoDickbutts has yet to comment about this. However, they posted the word “NICE” not long after the buzzing. It can be a hint that the team is excited about the latest update

People in the community are enthusiastic about the surge of CryptoDickbutts. Many have foreseen that it would be like this and look forward to seeing more of CryptoDickbutts in NFTs

About CryptoDickbutts

Comic book artist K.C. Green created The Dickbutts in 2006, which later changed into CryptoDickbutts. In March 2021, they released the OG Collection, which consisted of 161 NFTs. Later in August 2021, they launched Series 3 with 5,200 NFTs.

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