What Happened To RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie Minting Fail, As Complaints Pour In?

What Happened To RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie Minting Fail, As Complaints Pour In? With the exclusivity of the RTFKT x Nike AR Genesis Hoodie, many in the community were excited to get their hands on both the AR and physical form. However, the minting process did not go as smooth as plan, causing many in the community to express their anger.

RTFKT x Nike AR Website Fail During Minting 

The AR Hoodie that was first revealed back in April had its first private mint on Thursday, July 21st. Many in the community were excited for a chance to mint this NFT as the jacket had a limited stock and boasted some amazing features like AR technology and a near field communication chip that allows wireless communication between the hoodie and the digital asset.

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To mint the hoodies, holders of CloneX and Cryptokick NFTs would have to log into the RTFKT website, connect their wallets and then mint the hoodie directly from the site. However, many in the community faced a big problem when they were put into a queue, with some users having to wait for more than four hours long.

Holders stated that it was practically impossible for them to claim their hoodies through the website, leading to the only way to get the AR hoodie being by minting through RTFKT’s smart contract itself. The community then were forced to rely on each other to teach other members of the community how to mint directly through a smart contract to be able to claim an AR hoodie. 

What Happened?

The team behind RTFKT have since then apologized for the incident, with Samuel Cardillo, the CTO of RTFKT apologizing and explaining what had gone wrong in the website minting process. Cardillo explained that “the service overloaded, which led to the inventory system to fail fetching the NFTs, increase the waiting queue and rendering it impossible to redeem the hoodie.

This lack of diligence led to an unacceptable consequence which doesn’t live up to the standards we’ve been building at RTFKT & I am absolutely sorry about it.” Cardillo said in his thread.

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