Collab Soon? More Hints on 10KTF To Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse

Collab Soon? More Hints on 10KTF To Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse. Yuga Labs and the 10KTF shop pay homage to each other in small detailed ways in their recent projects, could this hint for some type of collaboration in the future?

10KTF in The Otherside

Not long ago, many in the NFT community were buzzing with theories after noticing that the 10KTF shop referenced Yuga Labs’ Otherside in one of their tweets. The tweet in question used words like “other”, “side”, “first”, and “trip”, which led people to believe that 10KTF were referencing the Otherside’s First Trip demo which took place on July 16th.

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Since then, even morre correlations were found when a few players testing out the Otherside noticed broken glasses within the Metaverse world, glasses which were very similar looking to those worn by WAGMI-san, the mascot and face of 10KTF.

More recently, today 10KTF posted a trailer on their Twitter, which involved WAGMI-san walking through New Tokyo to promote their upcoming collaboration with the fashion brand GUCCI. What caught many people’s attention however, was the style of the video where WAGMI-san seemed to act like a playable character in a video-game like world.

Because of this, a number of people in the community have theorized that Yuga Labs could possibly be collaborating with 10KTF to make a separate land for New Tokyo within the Otherside Metaverse.

Collab Or Just A Homage?

However, not everyone agrees on the idea that 10KTF and Yuga Labs are collaborating. Some people in the community have stated their thoughts that the reason why 10KTF and Yuga Labs were referring to each other was only ‘to pay homage to each other.’

During the process of the Otherside Metaverse reveal, Yuga Labs began to engage its community through storytelling, something that 10KTF had been doing for almost a year. Some theorize that this is perhaps the reason why 10KTF and Yuga Labs had developed a friendly relationship as Yuga Labs borrowed 10KTF’s storytelling techniques.

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