CloneX NFT Surges Ahead Of Animus Drop!

CloneX NFT Surges Ahead Of Animus Drop! 

The Animus Eggs!

More than a month after it’s first video teaser was dropped, the RTFKT team revealed that their upcoming Animus collection’s “egg drop” will take place sometime very soon!

So far, not much is known about the Animus collection itself, though the community does know that it will be a collection of creature-like avatars dropping sometime this November to all CloneX holders. 

The community has also been given hints to what these Animus NFTs could look like through the trailers given as well as the sketches tweeted out by the team.

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CloneX NFT Surges

With the end of November almost here and the Animus egg drop coming very soon, a lot of excitement and bullishness has been building up for the collection within the community.

In fact, this Sunday CloneX saw its collection surge by up to 115% in trading volume within 24 hours according to data from CryptoSlam.

The CloneX collection’s floor price has also been steadily rising, with data suggesting that it has surged by up to 30% since the start of October, going from a floor price of 6.2 ETH to 8.8 ETH.

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