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Chiliz Acquires Barca Studios For €100M, Aims To Improve Digital Products

Chiliz ( acquires Barca Studios for €100m. Recently, news has dropped about the partnership between and FC Barcelona. Has Acquired Barca Studios

On 1 August, FC Barcelona announced the news of its partnership with’s developer and technology provider, Chiliz, will invest €100m to acquire 24.5% of FC Barcelona’s Barca Studios. Barca Studios handles NFTs, metaverse projects, and FC Barcelona’s digital strategy. 

According to a press release from, the partnership will help FC Barcelona to improve its digital products for fans and “build new long-term sustainable revenue streams.” Through the partnership, Barca Studios can use’s experience in blockchain technology to connect with fans, build international communities, and “produce revenue streams in new geographies.” 

In the partnership, and Barca Studios will continue to create projects that entice “the most innovative blockchain and WEB3 partners” to improve features in FC Barcelona.

Previously in February 2020, the two began working together for BAR, a fan token of FC Barcelona. In this partnership, the fan token will be necessary to develop new opportunities beyond the app.

More Information on and FC Barcelona

In the press release from, fans have already bought €39m of BAR tokens, which will give the fans many benefits, such as VIP tickets, merchandise, and exclusive experiences in Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s stadium.

Since the news dropped, fans have been excited to see more updates on the collaboration. Fans of FC Barcelona can create a better community and benefit from this partnership. Moreover, it may inspire other clubs to make similar movements as it will improve experiences for fans while gaining advantages for the clubs.

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