CEO Of WAX Says Success Of Web3 Games Will Come From New Studios

CEO Of WAX Says Success Of Web3 Games Will Come From New Studios.

William Quigley, WAX co-founder and CEO, says the traditional ideas about gaming that originate from game developers and players themselves could slow Web3 games’ adoption.

The Difficulty to Build Web3 Games using Blockchain

During a Web Summit panel in Portugal on Nov. 3, Quigley told Cointelegraph that “trying to build a video game using a blockchain is a pain in the ass,” explaining that most products are browser-based but use blockchains for in-game assets.

According to WAX’s CEO, non-fungible tokens gave independent developers an edge in gaming by facilitating presales and raising funding.

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“For the most part, the people who are building [blockchain-based games] today are independent game developers. Big, triple-A title video game companies haven’t yet embraced it, and probably for good reason — they’re not sure what the revenue model’s going to be; they’re not sure how it’s going to change their game,” he said.

 “I actually think the first big games that have multimillion persistent users daily — those will come from new startup studios. I doubt they will come from the traditional video game market,” he added.

The Trap Behind NFT Pre-Sales

Bozena Rezab, co-founder and CEO of Gamee, said NFT pre-sales offered some advantages, but could also put developers in a binding relationship with gamers looking for a certain product.

Essentially, Quigley said many traditional gamers “cannot stand NFTs” for “pollut(ing)” game play – which could hinder the adoption of blockchain-based games by companies.

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“The biggest sort of new thing on the horizon that could allow blockchain-based games to take off would be augmented reality, virtual reality,” Quigles explained.

 “When that happens I suspect the principal revenue model for AR, VR games is going to be something like a tradeable item, an NFT or whatever we’ll call it. That, I think, will be the next big bump up in users,” he further explained.

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