Bored Ape (BAYC) Announces “The Trial” Coming This Christmas

Bored Ape (BAYC) Announces “The Trial of Jimmy The Monkey” Coming This Christmas.

What Is “The Trial”

On Thursday, the Bored Ape Yacht Club officially announced through a cryptic tweet that the Trial of Jimmy The Monkey will be coming this Christmas.

BAYC’s tweet itself showcases a cryptic image of an Ape’s hand, presumably that of Jimmy The Monkey’s, holding a long rectangular box with hieroglyphic-like images on it as well as a big bright yellow lock.

Hints about The Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey was originally revealed in BAYC’s “Roadmap 2.0” back in September 2021, however the team has yet to explain what it is Jimmy’s Trial exactly is or what it will entail.

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Possible New Game

Some theories that the community have come up with is that The Trial of Jimmy The Monkey could relate to the launch of some type of new game that Yuga Labs has been working on. This theory coincides with the fact that Yuga Labs had recently hired Spencer Tucker as their very first Chief Gaming Officer, in which his job was described to be to “oversee all of the company’s gaming initiatives.”

Some Bored Ape community members have also speculated that this possible game could be some type of competitive or battle-type game due to the fact that the roadmap from 2021 showcases Jimmy along with the words “MD vs. MMI: The Prologue.”

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