BAYC Hints At The Future Of The Project Upon Launch Of Dookey Dash!

BAYC Hints At The Future Of The Project Upon Launch Of Dookey Dash! 

Hints Of “The Future”

Major NFT Collection Bored Ape Yacht Club has finally launched their long-awaited Dookey Dash “skill-based mint” game, allowing players to use their Sewer Pass NFTs to play the exclusive experience and gain points throughout the month up until February 8th. 

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However, something that surprised many holders was the sudden cryptic tweet that the team had made just an hour ahead of the launch of the game.

The tweet features the image of sketches of robotic-like figures which the team says “Gary the Dog Prophet” had designed.

Within the sketch, a number of hints are given, including the phrase “MD vs. MMI” which the community is familiar with as a phrase often hinted at throughout the past 2 years, including within BAYC’s roadmap itself.

“Gary the Dog Prophet licked a toad, stumbled into the swamp, and returned with this sketch he’d made. No idea what it means. He says it’s ‘The Future.'” The team wrote.

Possible Mecha Apes

These hints have since further pushed the community’s theory that Yuga Labs may be planning to launch some sort of robot-inspired “mecha apes” in the near future.

Within the sketch, it’s important to note that EVO1, EVO2, and EVO 3 are used to label the different robots, which many in the community have theorized may correlate with the different tiers of Sewer Pass NFTs that holders have.

These hints provided within the sketch also correlate with hints about “The Summoning” ceremony that’s reportedly taking place on February 15th. Though it hasn’t been explained what exactly is going to be “summoned.”

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