BAYC Founders: Otherside Will Be Like A Web3 Native Roblox

BAYC Founders: Otherside Will Be Like A Web3 Native Roblox

In a recent podcast with Decrypt, the two BAYC co-founders discussed more on their long-awaited Otherside Metaverse and explain their views and hopes on the project.

The Metaverse

Yuga Labs and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) co-founders, Wylie Aronow and Greg Solano, or more often known as Gordon Goner and Garga online, have shared some insight to the public more on their long-awaited Metaverse game, ‘The Otherside’.

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In the podcast, the two founders stated that they view gaming to be the future of NFTs, hence why they created the Otherside Metaverse, which they expect to grow a lot in the future.

Gordon Goner went on to say that unlike other traditional games which showcase the game in one go, the Yuga Labs team have been approaching this launch in a different manner, opting to launch the game through multiple “trips” instead.

I think we’re doing things in contrast to the way a lot of gaming companies would do things, starting with the iterative development of the game itself, Typically, what you would see is you’d maybe get a teaser, a few months later you get a trailer, three years later, you get a game.” Goner explained.

Aside from that, the two founders also talked about what the game will essentially become over time. With the Otherside advertising itself to be a ‘Metaverse’ game, a term that’s still highly debated on in its definition, many in the community are still curious as to what this game will look like when its finally revealed.

To this, Gordon Goner replied: “I think one way of thinking about it is as a semi-decentralized, but absolutely Web3 native, Roblox. But obviously much better looking and geared for a slightly more adult audience.

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More On The Otherside

With the last trip to the Otherside having been a massive success back in July, many in the BAYC community have expressed their enthusiasm for the second trip which the team has stated will take place sometime at the end of this year.

It’s not known yet just how many “trips” that the team will schedule before the game fully launches, but nonetheless the community seems to be quite satisfied in being able to visit the Otherside once in a while as the team continues to build and develop the world further.

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