BAYC & Doodles Get Criticized For Not Updating Holders

BAYC & Doodles get criticized for not updating holders. Holders of certain projects are becoming more and more agitated at being left in “radio silence” with little to no updates to their projects’ progress.

Multiple Projects’ Lack Of Updates

These days, the NFT community have been buzzing with opinions and discussions as many argue about the importance of NFT projects continuously providing their holders with updates. 

This debate mostly started after multiple NFT projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Doodles have seen their NFTs’ floor price fall, with the team barely giving holders any information or updates on plans for the future.

In order to satisfy the complaints and criticism of holders, many have suggested project teams to hold more consistent scheduled updates so that holders won’t be left in “radio silence” unknowing of the progress of the collection for long periods of time.

My gut is that in NFTs there’s a balance we can strike. Perhaps quarterly or monthly updates – similar to more traditional companies – is a good solution.” user @NFTbark suggests in his Twitter thread.

Heavy Criticism on Doodles

Out of all the projects that have been criticized by the community, the Doodles collection by far has been the one to receive the most backlash by their own holders.

Since the announcement of Doodles 2 and the Dooplicator back in June, the collection has been relatively dormant and quiet, with no further updates or information about the projects’ progress whatsoever.

Because of this, Doodle’s floor price has fallen dramatically, going from a 13 ETH floor in late May to a 6.9 ETH floor now at the time of writing. Aside from the main doodles collection, the Dooplicator NFTs and the Genesis boxes have also seen a big decrease in price.

Some in the community have even suggested Doodles to hire a head of communications in their team for the sole purpose of being able to interact with the community and provide holders with updates or information that they may want.

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