Azuki Surges As Rumors Of An Upcoming Metaverse Rise

Azuki surges as rumors of an upcoming Metaverse rise. Some major reveals and speculations have been made surrounding the Azuki collection, leading its trading volume to surge!

Possible Metaverse

Many in the community are buzzing with excitement at the potential of Azuki creating a new Metaverse sometime in the future.

Although no real details or confirmations have been made, the Azuki official Twitter account tweeted a cryptic “An open anime universe for the world”, prompting many holders to believe that this may insinuate the team is creating some type of Metaverse open-world game.

Major Azuki Investor Revealed

Aside from that, it was also recently revealed that one of the biggest Azuki whales in the space, known as the pseudonym “LastKnight” was actually Adrian Cheng, a Hong Kong property typhoon and creator of AC Journal who also holds major investments in RTFKT and Animoca Brands.

Cheng had invested in more than 100 Azukis so far and claims that he believes Azuki has massive potential in the future.

In a thread, the @LastKnightEth twitter account said: “LastKnight intends to support @AzukiOfficial in building its universe and ecosystem. Artist collabs, expanding “phygital” experiences, and innovative contributions to nouveau culture and art in web3 are all on the table and will be explored.

He continues, “Talks have begun with @AzukiOfficial. The investment into 101 Azukis was only the beginning.

Azuki Pumping

Because of these two major reveals, Azuki NFTs prices and trading volume have been surging incredibly high the past 24 hours. According to data on OpenSea, Azuki has surged by more than 200% in the past 24 hours, and is nearing a floor price of 10 ETH with its current floor price of 8.89 ETH at the time of writing.

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