Andreessen Horowitz Drops New Public NFT Licenses, Here Are The Details!

Andreessen Horowitz drops new public NFT licenses, here are the details! Issues surrounding IP rights and copyright laws have been a massive talk among those in the NFT community, a16z wants to help fix it.

Free To Use License

The Venture Capital Firm Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto arm ‘a16z’ has just announced recently that it is releasing a series of free and public NFT licenses that any NFT creator or NFT project to use.

Named “Can’t Be Evil”, these NFT licenses are said to be inspired by the Creative Commons license and addresses the big issue surrounding NFT project holders being confused on their IP rights and grants.

This move comes after a number of NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Moonbirds have been accused by members of the community of ‘misleading’ their buyers with unclear or changing IP rights.

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About “Can’t Be Evil”

On their website, they explain that this new “Can’t Be Evil” licenses are said to serve a number of purposes which include to protect the creators’ IP rights as well as to grant the NFT holder an easy-to-understand and unchangeable rights.

These rights will be made in a way so that they are embedded into the NFTs’ smart contract, making it so that the licenses can’t be easily changed. 

There’s currently significant ambiguity and legal risk across the NFT ecosystem, a lack of standardization makes it difficult for NFT purchasers to know what rights they’re getting and creating customized licenses is expensive. All of this acts as a drag on the industry.” Miles Jennings, the firm’s head of decentralization said in a tweet.

Through the “Can’t Be Evil” licenses, NFT project creators have around 6 licenses to choose from, ranging from personal use only to being able to let anyone use the artwork for any purpose.

The a16z team also explained that they hope this new licensing will help to foster a more trusting relationship between holders and NFT project creators and that there won’t be instances of ‘misleading’ IP rights. 

​​“We hope this set [of licenses] is a starting point for fostering a trustless NFT licensing ecosystem and encouraging greater standardization as the space grows,” they stated on their website.

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