A Bored Ape NFT Makes An Appearance In Non-Fungible Films Teaser!

A Bored Ape NFT makes an appearance in the Non-Fungible Films teaser! This BAYC in question has become the most recent Bored Ape to feature in an upcoming movie.

The Bored Ape Feature


The blockchain-based entertainment studio, Non-Fungible Films, has just released their latest teaser for their upcoming animated film “Oscar Haley & The Great Beyond.” 


The movie is said to follow the story of two orphaned brothers on an adventure to the “Great Beyond”. Alongside the main characters, it seems that a Bored Ape will feature as an important side character within this movie.

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Many in the community were excited to see this new animated Bored Ape, with many claiming that the 3 dimentional animated style was different to many of the other 2 dimentional animated Bored Ape’s in the past.

About Non-Fungible Films


Non-Fungible Films (NFF) is the latest new innovator in the NFT scene, with plans and visions of creating more movies and shows involving NFTs. 

Through their Twitter they explained, “Non-Fungible Films was created from the idea that the media and entertainment industry needs serious change.

We believe Web3 and blockchain, through decentralization and shared IP, have the ability to empower creators and individuals alike with meaningful ownership of not just digital goods, but content as well.


Although “Oscar Haley & The Great Beyond” is the first project they’re working on, it seems that the entire team is excited to explore in creating more and more using NFT IPs in the future.

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