A BAYC NFT Will Be The Executive Producer For A Movie

A BAYC NFT will be the executive producer for a movie. Earlier today, Twitter user @99teth made an announcement that he will be using his newly bought Bored Ape NFT and making full use of its IP rights so that it will be named as the official executive producer for an upcoming movie.

Crediting The BAYC

In the tweet they explained that they are “utilizing BAYC’s IP rights at full capacity” by using the Bored Ape that they own, in this case BAYC #5034, to be named and displayed as the executive producer, instead of the name of their own company like it originally should.

User @99teth explains that they have signed the agreement for this Bored Ape to be credited and that the movie will officially start its production on the 20th of August.


BAYC’s IP Rights

This is the first time ever that a BAYC NFT will be named and credited as an executive producer of a movie. It is not however, the first time that a BAYC’s IP rights have been used within a movie as Bored Ape’s have often become the main star of many movies, shows, and music videos in making. 

Some examples where BAYC holders have used the IP rights of their BAYC to their advantage include Eminem & Snoop Dogg where they used their own BAYC as the main characters for their music video, actor Seth Green is also reported to be in the middle of producing his own show using his Bored Apes as the main characters.

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