10KTF Rumored To Airdrop Yuga Labs’ Otherdeeds To Its Holders!

10KTF rumored to airdrop Yuga Labs’ Otherdeeds to its holders! With 10KTF allocating more than 700,000 ApeCoins to their holders, the community is now swirling with rumors that they could also have allocated a number of Otherdeeds to airdrop in the future.

Otherdeeds Airdrop

A few days ago, 10KTF announced their partnership with Yuga Labs’ BAYC token, ApeCoin. With this partnership, the 10KTF shop have allocated a reported 714,000 $APE to be airdropped to holders of 10KTF’s NFTs for free!


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Since then, rumors have been growing in the community that 10KTF are still planning to have an even bigger collaboration with Yuga Labs involving the airdropping of their Otherdeeds NFTs.

Rumors that 10KTF and Yuga Labs’ Otherside doing a collaboration isn’t necessarily new, it’s been a rumor since earlier this year when the both 10KTF and Otherdeeds often hinted at referencing each other in their tweets and content. 


However, the rumor switched from just being a potential collab between the two to rumors of a potential Otherdeeds airdrop after 10KTF announced their ApeCoin airdrop. Many in the community are claiming that with Yuga Labs and 10KTF’s ecosystem growing together, it’s not unlikely that Yuga Labs would provide 10KTF with a number of Otherdeeds to airdrop for their holders.

When Could It Happen?


So far, there have been no response from either 10KTF or Yuga Labs acknowledging these rumor yet. Members of the community also mentioned however, that it may be a while before these potential ‘Otherdeed’ airdrops would take place.


This is due to the fact that the ApeCoin airdrops have just taken place the past couple of days, with 10KTF holders claiming thousands of their $APE for free after staking them for months since earlier this year.

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