0N1 Force NFT Announces It’s Been Acquired By Crypto Veterans

0N1 Force NFT Announces It’s Been Acquired By Crypto Veterans. 

0N1 Force NFT New Management

0N1 Force, one of the hottest blue-chip NFT projects when it first dropped in 2021, has recently announced that their project has been bought and acquired by a collective of cryptocurrency industry veterans led by blockchain investment firm Old Fashioned Research (OFR).

As a result of this acquisition, the project’s founders have fully exited the project and 0N1 Force will see its current project leader – Henry Finn (also known as “Starlordy”) –serve to become the project’s new CEO.

The project’s new community board includes some notable figures including OFR Strategic Advisor and ex-Binance CFO Wei Zhou, Managing Partner of Old Fashioned Research Ling Zhang, as well as Yield Guild’s COO, Colin Goltra.

The new ownership group is filled with passionate supporters of art and storytelling, and their sincere energy has already given new life to this storied brand. Their vision and resources will give us the strong foundation needed to help 0N1 Force reach its fullest potential alongside any blue-chip in the market.

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About 0N1 Force

Once a hot NFT collection that made large notable sales among celebrities like Logan Paul’s rare 1/1 for 188 ETH (~~$623,000) in 2021, the collection has since been seeing slow numbers as bullishness for the project slowly drops.

The 0N1 Force collection itself boasts about 7,777 side-profile portraits with the projects 2023 roadmap claiming to have plans to allocate 50 ETH to an Artist Fund to support community talent. 

Although the collection has been seeing low numbers the past year, rumors of its acquisition has helped 0N1 Force to see a surge in trading volume within this past week.

According to data from CryptoSlam, 0N1 Force has seen its trading volume surge by a whopping 950% in just the last 7 days, with it’s floor price rising to 1.9 ETH at the time of writing.

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