Worldwide Webb Land Integrates Deadfellaz & Boki To Their Metaverse

Worldwide Webb Land integrates Deadfellaz & Boki to their Metaverse.

Deadfellaz & Boki Integration

The Web3 Metaverse game in-the-making, Worldwide Webb Land, has just announced that they’ve integrated two new NFT projects into their game! Those two new collections were recently revealed on their twitter to be Deadfellaz and Boki, two popular NFTs which have both been building their community surely over time.

With this new integration, Boki holders and Deadfellaz holders that are also holders of the Webb Land NFT holders will be able to have access to the Metaverse, using either their Boki or Deadfellaz as their avatars!

Like Deadfellaz’s official Twitter account explains, “to use your DF (Deadfellaz NFT) as an avatar in Webb you currently need to hold Webb land & a DF, this will soon change as Webb move out of the current phase.

About Webb Land

The Worldwide Webb Land metaverse game is still in its beta phase and currently only allows holders of its Land NFT to enter and be able to play and visit. However, in the future, this Metaverse land seems to promise a lot of opportunities for users to be able to play, interact, and show off their NFTs with others in the community.

There are already a number of other NFT projects that have been integrated into Webb Land including CyberKongz, Staycool, Nyan cat and more! The team have also mentioned that in the coming weeks, they will be announcing even more collections that will be integrated into their Metaverse, allowing players to change their avatar according to the NFTs they own.

This Metaverse has been a massive success so far, with many players being able to visit and explore, interact with one another, play mini-games, and even gather for events. With this continued success, Webb Land may become an even bigger success when it opens to everyone in the future.

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