Cardano Hotel in Barcelona Works with Artist EL Matador NFT

​​Cardano Hotel in Barcelona works with artist EL Matador NFT. The artist recently posted the exciting news on Twitter. The artwork will be displayed in the lobby of the hotel in Barcelona. The good news added to people’s interest in the Cardano Hotel Ginebra Barcelona.

The Cardano Hotel Ginebra Barcelona

Cardano has been mentioned as one of the hotels to accept payment using $ADA. It is one of the first businesses to make this innovation. Added to this news, The Cardano Hotel has met with the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson. The Cardano project has been managed by three different companies. They handled the software, location, and legal aspects of the project. It aligns with the goal of Cardano for social solutions. The hotel also has been involved in a charity event in Bangladesh called Thought for Food.

EL Matador NFT


EL Matador NFT is an art-based project on Cardano. They launched earlier this year. Many of their collections have been sold. They also considered themselves in the form of CNFT


This collaboration between EL Matador NFT and Cardano Hotel in Barcelona brings excitement as many people are congratulating the good news. This news can spread the influence of Cardano to many people, especially on social media. 


To add the information, Cardano is a Cryptocurrency to minimize the usage of the environment. A few months ago, Cardano proved its effectiveness as it gained 29% amidst the recovery of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano is currently ranked 8 in the market of cryptocurrencies. 

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