Zipmex Continues Withdrawals For Selected Altcoins In Z Wallet

Zipmex continues withdrawals for selected altcoins in Z Wallet. In the latest news on the official website, Zipmex posted updates regarding the company’s activities and clarified some issues.

Zipmex’s Issues in Withdrawals


Since July, the issue with withdrawals has been raising concerns among users. 


To clarify, Zipmex has two wallets for users, Z Wallet and Trade Wallet. On 20 July, Zipmex abruptly halted all withdrawals by stating “volatile market conditions” and financial difficulties with key business partners. They were also doing some maintenance to fix the issue. After that, they announced again that, for Trade Wallet, it was all fixed. However, transfer and other activities from Z Wallet remained unavailable.

On 2 August, Zipmex posted another news regarding withdrawals on Z Wallet. They said the team has been working for two weeks to fix the issue that raised concerns among users. Users can resume withdrawal activity with SOL, XRP, and ADA on different dates. SOL started on 2

August, while XRP and ADA will be available on 4 and 9 August, respectively. Now, these altcoins will be transferred to users’ Trade Wallet, leaving only Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins in Z Wallet.

Zipmex added, “We are working to ensure that we are in full compliance as we [start to] release some of these tokens into your Trade Wallet starting in the middle of August.” 


Other Updates from Zipmex

In the updates on the official website, Zipmex also posted information regarding the issues with Babel and Celsius. Not only that, but they added an explanation about the moratorium posted last week


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Zipmex will keep giving updates to users and people in the community to ensure that they have “no intention to conceal any facts.”

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