Zipmex Announces New Updates On Withdrawals, Here Are The Details!

Zipmex announces new updates on withdrawals! Here are the details! On 8 August, Zipmex posted an official announcement about their plan to re-open withdrawals activity with ETH and BTC.

The Announcement

On 8 August, Zipmex took to Twitter to address their plan to continue withdrawals activity. According to the crypto exchange, a specific amount of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) will be available to release on 11 August and 16 August, respectively. These tokens, with some others, were previously frozen in Z Wallet.

Zipmex stated, “We are working hard to release the balance of our customers’ Z Wallet holdings as soon as we [possibly] can.”

The crypto exchange ended the announcement with a promise to keep updating users on the withdrawing activity

Previously on Zipmex

On 20 July, Zipmex started halting all withdrawal activity. They stated market conditions and issues with some business partners as the reasons for this decision. However, after maintenance, they enabled their Trade Wallet on 22 July. Transfer and other activities with Z Wallet remained unavailable. In the same month, Zipmex submitted moratorium applications in Singapore for all Zipmex entities. On 2 August, they were back on Twitter to announce an update on Z Wallet and that withdrawals with Solana (SOL), Ripple (XRP), and Cardano (ADA) are available. 

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Unfortunately, they are also facing some issues with the local regulator. Thailand SEC released an investigation on Zipmex Thailand for halting all withdrawals, stating they violated trading rules. 

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So far, Zipmex has been actively updating the users with their activities. They also open up their communication channels for users to state their issues.

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