Who Is The Anonymous Person That Sends ETH To Public Figures Using Tornado Cash?

An anonymous person sends ETH to public figures from Tornado Cash! On 9 August, not long after the US Treasury sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash, some Twitter accounts reported an anon user sent ETH to celebrities using Tornado Cash. 

The Anonymous User

On 9 August, some Twitter accounts mentioned that an anonymous person sent ETH to Jimmy Fallon, Logan Paul, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, and many more through Tornado Cash. Some people said this activity was a prank. 

However, as The US Treasury sanctioned Tornado Cash for its involvement in money laundering, they prohibit American citizens from interacting with the crypto mixer in any form. But, it is hard to control people from sending crypto to another wallet if it is known publicly. 

In the case of these public figures, it is not easy to trace back the transactions because of the Tornado Cash design. As a result, anyone, an individual or business, can get involved in the operations. 

The anonymous person allegedly wanted to direct The US Treasury’s focus to the recipients. Unfortunately for this person, The US Treasury will only give sanctions if they engage willingly with Tornado Cash. Therefore, it is unlikely that these public figures will receive any sanctions as they did not have any prior engagement or knowledge.

Previously on Tornado Cash

On Monday, The US Treasury sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash for its role in laundering billions worth of crypto since 2019. Officials stated that Lazarus Group, a hacking group from North Korea, had used Tornado Cash to launder stolen money. In the latest news, Tornado Cash had also been used in laundering activity from the Nomad Bridge hacking incident. 

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Since the news dropped, the community has been buzzing about the decision by The US Treasury for Tornado Cash. They posted their views on the matter via Twitter. 

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