What We Know And Really Happened In Solana Hacking Accident

What We Know And Really Happened In Solana Hacking Accident! Since it happened, the community has been buzzing about it, making tweets and discussions on social media. Now, there is finally an update on how it happened. 

Updates on the Hacking Incident

Previously, there was a hacking incident in Solana users from Tuesday night until early Wednesday, which made them lose millions in total. Users said their funds in the Solana-based wallets in Phantom or Slope had been removed without their permission. 

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On 3 August, Solana Status posted an update regarding the hacking incident. They did an investigation with developers, ecosystem teams, and security auditors. They found that affected wallets were created, imported, or used in the Slope mobile wallet apps. More details are still under investigation.

On the same day, Phantom posted an update on Twitter regarding this matter. SOL and tokens in the wallets had also been hacked, which seemed to be in contact with the Slope mobile wallet apps. The account added that they are still investigating this incident to see if there are any other vulnerabilities.

Not only Solana Status and Phantom are giving updates to the community, but Slope also made a statement addressing this issue. Similar to the other two, Slope is doing an investigation with security auditors and developers. However, they recommend all Slope users to “create a new and unique seed phrase wallet, and transfer all assets to this new wallet.”

The Community’s Reactions

Until now, the community is still buzzing about the hacking incident. People posted advice and discussions on Twitter. However, other accounts also warned everyone to be aware of scammers giving solutions in the community.

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