Voyager Releases A Letter of Rejection Offer From FTX

Voyager Releases A Letter of Rejection Offer From FTX. In the recent news, Voyager has decided not to take FTX’s offer to help the customers. Instead, they state that it would harm customers.

FTX’s Offer

A few days ago, FTX’s CEO made a press release regarding the intention of FTX to help Voyager’s customers get back their digital assets. These digital assets are still on the customers’ accounts following Voyager’s bankruptcy.

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The Rejection

Voyager has given a hard rejection for the proposal as they said it would harm customers. In the rejection letter on Sunday, Voyager added that it would only benefit FTX and Alameda Ventures. There are a few reasons why it would not work effectively. One of them is “AlamedaFTX Proposal was made chills bidding and undermines efforts to maximize the value that inherent in a competitive process.”

Furthermore, the way customers can choose to receive their cash from FTX or retain the claims would disadvantage customers who “choose not to participate in what Voyager believes is a value-weaking proposition.”

FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Thread on Twitter

Following the rejection, the CEO of FTX published some of his thoughts on Twitter. He made a thread on his views about what happened and how FTX would help Voyager’s customers. He stated, “We think Voyager’s customers should have the right to quickly claim their remaining assets if they want, without rent-seeking in the middle.”

The latest news has taken the community’s attention as people are curious about what would happen next, especially with Voyager’s customers.

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