Vitalik Admits Used Tornado Cash Before, Here the Details!

Vitalik Buterin admits he used Tornado Cash before, here the details! On 9 August, Vitalik posted a tweet about him donating to Ukraine via Tornado Cash.

What Happened Before

On Monday, The US Treasury sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash for its involvement in money laundering. Hacker groups, such as Lazarus Group, had used Tornado Cash in laundering activity. Therefore, The US Treasury decided to ‘blacklist’ the crypto mixer. As a result, American citizens are not allowed to make any interaction with Tornado Cash.

Since the news dropped, the community started expressing their views on the matter. Some people disagree with the decision as people used Tornado Cash as a tool to keep data and information private. This sanction can affect the citizens’ freedom of privacy.

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The Tweet by Vitalik Buterin

On 9 August, it all started when Jeff Coleman, Co-Founder of Counterfactual, tweeted his view on Ukraine donations, which need financial privacy.

He stated, “Even if the government where you live is in full support, you might not want the Russian government to have full details of your actions.”

Coleman also added a tweet with his curiosity if there are any documentation examples of Tornado Cash used for this activity.

Not long after that, Vitalik Buterin replied to Coleman by admitting to giving donations to Ukraine via Tornado Cash

Buterin said, “I [will] out myself as someone who has used TC to donate to this exact cause.”

It can hint that many people might use Tornado Cash to make donations. Not only to Ukraine but to other donation activities as well.

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