Updates: Zipmex Crypto Exchange Regarding the Withdrawal Issues

Newest updates: Zipmex Crypto Exchange Regarding Withdrawal Issues. The Singapore-based crypto exchange published on Twitter the updates after the issue in withdrawal. The community has been excited to see what will happen next. 

The Issues in Withdrawal

A few days ago, Zipmex announced the pause in customers’ withdrawal on Twitter. In addition to that, transfers are also disabled. They mentioned the situation was out of their control, adding the “volatile market conditions” as one of the reasons. After the announcement, they had been doing maintenance to ensure customers’ security in their transactions.

Previously, Zipmex had delayed the end of the maintenance issue. It should have been clear on 21 July but postponed to 22 July. The withdrawals are now back as Zipmex has activated the platform, saying that “security of your assets and your peace of mind is our number one priority.” However, transfers remain paused until further notice. (Official Announcement)

Zipmex’s Newest Announcement

On 24 July, Zipmex posted on Twitter about the exciting news. They mentioned the good progress as “our conversations with various interested parties have progressed significantly.” One of them has given an MOU with Due Diligence. Zipmex has yet to put the information in detail.

Zipmex is one of the crypto businesses that have paused their withdrawals. Others have also done the same actions during the ups and downs in the digital assets world. 

The good news is one of the ways for Zipmex to recover from the previous events and improve in the crypto world.

Zipmex is available in four countries, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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