Uniswap Said To Be In Talks To Receive $100M In Funding

Uniswap said to be in talks to receive $100M in funding. According to a number of sources, it’s reported that Uniswap Labs, parent firm of the Uniswap protocol, may be in early talks of raising a venture capital round of $100 million.

About The Potential Funding

TechCrunch reports that Uniswap is in talks to raise somewhere between $100 to $200 million, with the creator of Uniswap Interface Hayden Adams in talks with a Singapore-based sovereign fund as well as crypto-focused investment firm Polychain.

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Although Uniswap has yet to comment on the matter to confirm or deny the claims, if the deal falls through, this would put Uniswap at a valuation of $1 billion.

The Uniswap protocol itself is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the space and has also previously raised $11 million in funding in a Series A round that was led by Andreessen Horowitz back in August of 2020.


Uniswaps Recent Activities

These past few months, Uniswap Labs have been sharing their plans for several “new products.”

Just this September, Uniswap Labs COO Mary-Catherine Lader talked about the companies plans to create a system that will allow customers to trade NFTs on their platform from a number of marketplaces.

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Aside from that, Techcrunch reports that several insiders have also shared that Uniswap may be planning to create a new decentralized wallet.

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