UK’s New Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak On NFTs, Crypto & CBDCs!

UK’s New Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak On NFTs, Crypto & CBDCs!

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain technology may be seeing some bullishness ahead of them in the UK as their newly appointed Prime Minister abundantly made it clear on his positive stances on Web3.

Rishi Sunak On NFTs & Crypto

Multiple times now, Rishi Sunak, the soon to be the newly appointed Prime Minister of the UK has voiced his support towards blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

During his time finance minister under the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Sunak stated that he wanted to help turn the UK into a crypto hub.

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Aside from that, clips from an interview a couple of months ago has since resurfaced showing Sunak’s enthusiasm for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. In the clip, Sunak was asked whether he preferred Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs or CryptoPunk NFTs, to which he answered Bored Ape Yacht Club. The interviewer then followed up asking Sunak to choose between Bitcoin and Ethereum, leading him to choose “a basket of cryptocurrency” instead.

Sunak On CBDCs

In a new video published by Bitcoin Magazine, Rishi Sunak further pushed his support for blockchain technology as he voiced support for Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs.

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The G7 is launching a set of policy principles for retail, Central Bank Digital Currencies, CBDCs,” he says, “Central Bank Digital Currencies could be a digital version of money, a bit like a digital banknote that could be used alongside physical notes and coins.

The decision on whether to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency is for each country to make, and no G7 jurisdiction has yet made that choice. These decisions raise important questions about the reshaping of our economy.

With the UK’s next leader being so publicly supportive in blockchain technology, NFTs, Cryptocurrency and even announcing plans for policies surrounding CBDCs, it seems that Sunak is one step closer in his hopes of making the UK become a crypto hub.

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